Admei , one-stop self-service website provides a variety of website templates like personal website, e-commerce website, information display website, company official website, etc. 

Customer can simply build his own customized website with clicks and get the website immediately . 


Backend : total orders, sales, number of customers, number of online customers, geographical distribution of customers (map display), recent orders, sales analysis, etc.

Sales management: package order management, repurchase order analysis, return management, coupon customization

Commodity management: product description, price, picture, video insertion, analysis, preview, etc

Marketing management includes coupons, mass e-mail, customers can subscribe to the mall notice discount, etc. Support management of multiple sites

Multi currency support, SEO optimization , more than 50 payment methods .

Easy access to global logistics systems .

Blog function added ,  goods introduction and selling  synchronously.

Global access using CN2 network .